Cochin Bantam Fertile Hatching Eggs! 6+ 

The eggs are from these Purebred Cochin hens:  Partridge, Black, Black Frizzle and Golden laced.

Roosters are Golden Laced Cochin, Red Frizzle Cochin
These are all bantams. The chickens are free ranged together so the chicks will be mixed colors from these varieties.

You will get a mix of these colors and probably some frizzles included. These are all high quality purebred chickens.

These are the two roosters in the pen....


Black Frizzle and Partridge hens

Golden Laced hen

Partridge hen
Also Available......Modern Game bantam hatching eggs and tiny Serama hatching eggs.
Blue Salmon Faverolles bantam hatching eggs not available at this time.

I pack well and mark the box hatching eggs, fragile. I can not be responsible for what the post office does with the box.
I ship USPS priority for three day delivery.

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