Pips first days, Hatched April 29, 2010

This is Pip at three days.

He loves his stuffed "mom".
Dinky and Dotti, three plus months.....May 2010

Dinky and Dotti

Dinky is turning into a tiny rooster right before my eyes. He even crows now!

Isn't Dotti a gorgeous color?

Dinky. His mature color is starting to come in.

This is what Pippi looks like now at three weeks.
Looks as if he will be a barred chicken of some sort.

Dinky and Dotti at four months. Dinkies color is really coming in now.

Dotti has such unusual color

Well, wonder of wonders.....Dotti has now become Donni!! In ten days she went from pullet to rooster.
The photo above was taken ten days after the one above that.

Donni is in with this hen

Dinky is in with my other two Serama hens and guess what? He is fertile. I have eggs in the incubator that are developing! He is only four 1/2 months old but Seramas mature so fast.

Dink and his girls

Pippi at five weeks

Pippi at 2 months

New chicks from an Ebay seller. Hatched June 25, 2010

Dinky and Donnis' first chicks! We are so excited.
Hatched June 29, 2010

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