January 2011

Brando and Mondo




First chicks for 2011, one day old,
Donni is the dad.

Donni being a big shot!

First chicks, one day old

2 weeks

3 weeks. The one on the left with the blue band is Dinkys. The rest are Donnis.
They are six weeks now.



Not sure if pullet or cockerel

Patches, a cockerel

Another little cockerel

Chicks hatched in March

These are from three different roosters

Some beautiful colors in there. 

Donnie and Silvio chick, April 2011

Donnie and Silvio chicks

Carlos, Brando, Checkers

Carlos and Checkers with their hens

Donni, Silvio, Carlos, Mondo chicks.

Donni, Silvio, Carlos, Mondo chicks.  3 weeks
Donni and Silvio chicks are light, Carlos and Mondo are dark.