My first memory of a horse was when I was five years old. On moving to a new neighborhood at that time, there happened to be a horse living across the street, a palomino I think who shortly after had a foal. After that, I was completely and totally smitten and horses have walked, trotted and cantered through my head in a never ending parade since then.

    I remember drawing horses in grade school and drooling over horses at the Los Angeles County Fair. I have another memory of a glowing sorrel Arabian standing in a shaft of light in a stall with silken mane and tail. In my childs mind it was truly a vision and I see it that way today. For my entire life, I have been truly inspired by the beauty of the horse.

    I never had a horse of my own until my daughter was old enough to ask for one herself. After purchasing a horse for her, I bought one for myself as well, which led to lessons in Western riding and eventually dressage. I went on to invest in Thoroughbred race horses and at about the same time I read about Miniature horses and of course I had to have one. For over 20 years I was a breeder of Miniature horses with some of the best blood lines in the USA.

    Through all of this, I continued drawing and painting, eventually becoming known as a flat painter, working in oils, acrylics and water colors.

    I then moved on to stained glass where I was very successful with my equine based panels, several of which hung in the art collection at our local thoroughbred race track.

    Eventually a friend of mine introduced me to the world of model horses and sculptures.

    At present, even though I greatly enjoy doing original sculptures of different equine breeds and having them cast in resin as limited edition artworks, I am limiting myself to painting and the occasional remake.

    I would love for you to view my galleries and portfolio while you are here. I hope you will enjoy the tour.