PF Hezjazi
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He enters the arena. He is excited because his friends are there. The young Arabic boy calms him and promises a reward if he is good; He nickers and shakes his head, they are pointing at him and he knows he is the chosen one.

PF Hezjazi #1 Artist Choice

PF Hezjazi with PF Al Shama and
PF Mecca, resin saluki dog.

 PF Hezjazi and PF Al Shama

Hezjazi is trad scale

Jazi with resin Saluki PF Mecca

PF Hezjazi is a traditional scale yearling Arabian colt. He is approximately 8 1/2 X 8 1/2. He is cast by Resins by Randy in a limited edition of approx. 50