Painting services

I prefer to paint only resins or late model Breyers and Stones, but I will make exceptions.

I do not alter in any way the artists resin nor do I repair any sculpting or casting problems unless agreed upon.

Initial painting of the horse is done with an airbrush. Many subtle layers of overlay produce a very realistic looking color. I use only top quality acrylic artist paints., never craft paints.
After the airbrushing, the horse receives hand painted details:
Markings are all "feathered", white noses and fetlocks have "pinking", eyes are blended and shaded for a realistic look.

If the model is a Breyer or Stone, upraised hooves will be painted and shaded to resemble the actual underside of the hoof.

When the horse is complete, it is coated with a protective satin finish, eyes and hooves are coated with several coats of gloss polish and a tiny bit of gloss added to the inside of the nostrils on horses that are in action.

All are guaranteed Open Live Show Quality. LSQ means that the paint is smooth and applied carefully. No obvious flaws in paint such as "unidentified objects" in the paint or finish etc.

LSQ does not mean perfect. There may be tiny flaws that are present in any artists work. I work carefully and will make a champion effort to produce a quality model.

Prices are for painting only. You supply the body and pay shipping.
Artists resins large traditional | $225
Breyer/Stone/resin traditional size | $200
classic size | $175
Little Bit size | $125
Curio size | $125
Stablemate size | $100
The above pricing is for solid color horses, markings included.
Pinto, appaloosa or any other complicated pattern, please add $50 to $150 depending on the complexity of the pattern. Check with me for an estimate.

Dapples, check with me for price and availability.

Solid color dogs and other animals
$75 for Breyer small size or equivalent
$125 for Breyer Medium size or equivalent.

Postage and insurance to return completed model are at buyers expense.

I require the work on the model be paid in full before I start work.
When I receive your payment, I will give you an approximate date for completion. I only book four to six weeks ahead at any time.
Late payment could result in your model being moved back to the end of the schedule. (Approx. 4 weeks)
This insures that everyone gets their model on time and eliminates long months of waiting.